What Is A Visa Run / Border Run ???

The majority of western foreigners arriving in Thailand will either already have a tourist visa or will receive a Visa Exemption stamp upon arrival.

Those looking to extend their stay in the Kingdom have options to do so. We will give a simple explanation of what a visa or border run is and then explain how they can be used to a person’s advantage.

A visa or border run is the journey from Thailand to a neighbouring country. This journey enables the person concerned to apply for a new visa which will allow them to return and stay legally in Thailand.

How Long Are You Aloud To Stay In Thailand ….


Visa-Exemption on arrival:

The Visa Exemption stamp received upon arrival in Thailand allows for a 30 day stay in the country. Those wishing to stay longer have, in the past used Visa or Border runs to leave the country and then return the same day in order to receive a ‘new’ Visa Exemption stay giving them an additional 30 days in the country

 Single entry tourist visa:

The tourist visa allows a 60-day stay in the country with an option to extend for a further 30 days giving a total of 90 days in the country. This extension can be applied for at a Thai immigration office and currently costs 1,900 Baht.

Multiple entry tourist visa 

In theory, the METV allows a 6-month stay in the Kingdom. It includes as many exits and re-entries as desired, but a border run must be made every 60-days. The visa and border run requirements are explained in further detail below.


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